Why Choose Us

Not All Estate Agents Are The Same

Sell your house the stress free way
Selling a property can get complicated. Martin Diplock offers expert support every step of the way, so you’ll get the best price and stay calm.

Friendly expert service
We know the local market inside out (we’ve been here for 35 years). In fact, we’re market leaders in the DT7 area. So our valuations and assessments are as accurate and comprehensive as possible.
As qualified Chartered Surveyors we know all the thorny legal aspects of house-selling and how to deal with them.

Peace of mind
Unlike online agencies, we help you every step of the way, from negotiating with buyers to working with solicitors. We’re available in person and by phone to answer your questions, however big or small.
Countless unforeseen issues can arise after your sale is agreed, from problems highlighted in the Survey to planning complications to asbestos. We’ll help deal with them to keep the sale on track.
We work behind the scenes to progress your sale and keep you informed at all stages.

The best possible price
Our negotiating skills will get you the best possible price, often far outweighing the apparent savings you might make by going it alone with a ‘fixed price’ online agency.
We manage bidding where there is interest from multiple buyers, and minimise the post-sale price reductions buyers often ask for (for example following a survey).
We’ll create an attractive package of photos and details to promote your property on major online portals, as well as in our high street premises.