Professional Work

Valuations of properties are required for many reasons, not just mortgages. We undertake valuations for Court work, Probate requirements, disputes and for tax and matrimonial purposes.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to undertake a valuation of your property and provide a detailed report suitable for your solicitor, the Inland Revenue or other professional body.

On occasion we are required to act as an Expert Witness to advise both parties in a dispute and this may be an appointment by the Court. We endeavour to undertake detailed research work of both the property and values and provide appropriate expert advice to the Court or the client and to guide both parties through what can sometimes be difficult negotiations.

Valuations for:

  • Tax purposes (Probate, Capital Gains Tax etc)
  • Banks and other lending institutions
  • Matrimonial/Litigation
  • Insurance

Professional Advice on:

  • Rating/Council Tax
  • Arbitration
  • Planning/Development Appraisals
  • Expert Witness
  • Commercial rent reviews